Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011


Because fans keep asking me in mails about the future of LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE, here is my general answer as the producer:
I have prepared 15 (fifteen) sets with 3 CDs each. Ten sets are already released. For the remaining sets I still wait for the okay from the label. (Below in grey)
When these 15 LVEs are out, hopefully in shorter intervals als before, I still have some unreleased tracks for which I have planned two or three... (or more - we don't know what the future will bring) ...more editions; at the moment I call those "The Rest of Klaus Schulze". (Below in green)
Of course, any & every coming release will be announced in the official KS website. And here. And in THE KS CIRCLE. At least.
(17 June 2014: this large pic with a lot of single covers of the LVEs is lost, due to a server's harddisc crash in June 2014. Sorry, but I cannot restore it)
PS: Please look here: