Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2019

K.C. Shuffle

Alle schauen nach rechts und merken nicht, dass sie linksherum geschlachtet werden.(H. Danisch)

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Samstag, 30. November 2019

The Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Ripoff

... We humans are attracted to catastrophes.
. . . . For thousands of years people predicting the end of the world. If just ONE of them was right, we wouldn't be here. And it's the only field where you can be sure that you're 100% wrong to be a futurist predicting the end of the world.
. . . . BUT predicting a catastrophe: the newspapers love it, the television loves it, it's a wonderful selling tool for the media. (...)
(Ian Plimer ... )

...& auch dies:

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Mittwoch, 27. November 2019

Früher war mehr Lametta

Im Bärenheim die Kerze brennt...
Ein Sternlein blinkt –
Es ist Advent.

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Montag, 25. November 2019

From "The KS Circle" # 218 ... (Nostalgic recollection, pt. 18)

... and I'm to blame
. . . . When I look from time to time into the (wonderful) booklets of the LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE CD series, I realize again and in retrospect that I was to a certain degree responsible for the visual image of Klaus Schulze, ...unconsciously and unintentionally.
. . . . Most of the many photos during the early heydays from 1975 on, and until 1981 (and a few beyond that year) were done by me, and they were also used by me, for the daily work with the other Klaus: for various releases on covers, for advertising and giving to magazines for their articles about KS. For many years I also have sent copies of these photos to fans, if they have asked for an autograph. During all those years and until the advent of the digital technique I have made those photos all by myself, in improvised dark-rooms, in Hambühren and later in Winsen; in the late eighties in Berlin. I produced hundreds of enlargements from the negative films onto photo paper. During many long nights I made the little (24 x 36 mm) b/w negatives as large, as dark, as bright, as soft, as hard, I wanted, or as it was needed. I could also do dodging or burning (= abwedeln oder nachbelichten) or make a double exposure as the cover of LVE 16 shows: the face of Klaus plus a photo from a mixing desk.
. . . . And today, these images stick. If I look at the 16 covers of the LVE series, eleven are from original photos that I have made from Klaus since 1975; the most recent pic is on the front of LVE 13; it was made in my apartment, anno 1993, when Klaus signed a few hundred booklets for the early subscribers of the SILVER EDITION. Already over twenty years ago... Old times.

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Sonntag, 24. November 2019


The members of THE KS CIRCLE will get the message in the coming December issue: Please renew your membership for the coming year 2020, ...if you want to continue to get the newsletter (and much more) in its 25th year of existing, month by month...

Newcomers are welcome. Please send me a mail to receive the (simple) conditions:
A pdf sample of an older edition is here

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Sonntag, 17. November 2019


Der Bär hat vor dem Winterschlaf
angesammelt reichlich Fett.
Er hat jetzt schlichteren Bedarf:
Wer macht denn nun mein Bett?

For the yearly hibernation
now he has a stately torso.
Cold season's only kind flirtation:
sucking in sleep his own big toe.

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Samstag, 16. November 2019

Gestern sah ich die erste Weihnachts-Deko an einem Haus

Mein Lieblingskoch sah es Anfang November voraus:
Jetzt geht es bald wieder los: Der heimatliche LED-Birnchen-Wahnsinn.

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Schöne Sätze XXVII

Man müsse sich die Hölle als einen Ort vorstellen, der ganz und gar von Designern möbliert sei.(schon wieder der reife Enzensberger)


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...dass eine Demokratie dann zusammenbricht, wenn die, die auf Kosten anderer leben, Mehrheitseinfluss erreichen. Der Punkt scheint erreicht zu sein.(H. Danisch)

For instance, watch these few minutes:

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Mittwoch, 13. November 2019

kurz & knapp XXXVIII

Alles, was mit Neo-, Retro- und Post- anfängt, ist ein alter Hut.(Enzensberger)

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Sonntag, 10. November 2019

Kollosaler Schwindel

(H.L. Mencken, hellsichtig anno 1920)

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Schön ist es, im November krank zu sein -
man niest und liest, trinkt Honigwein.

Hoarseness, cough and sniff -
November's always stiff.
Medved Misha enjoys some honey wine
'cause honey wine is always fine.

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