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Jazz (& Blues) Discographies Discographies (see PPS at the end)

I want to tidy up and reduce my cram-full book shelves, and therefore, I have some English written discographies (and a few similar books) for sale. All about JAZZ (and some BLUES).
I just have checked if these books - which I have bought mostly in the eighties - are still available and what's their price, ...or, are the now deleted books offered second-hand and what's their prices. During my search I was astonished, what treasures I have in my shelves.
All these books are hardcover (except for the two small British booklets) and they all look very serious: not one colour pic outside or inside, because they were produced for serious collectors and music historians. And they are all as new, except for - sometimes - some light pencil marks: either small check marks, or underlining of titles.

The most valuable of my collection seems to be this thick (1390 pp.) brick:
British Dance Bands on Record 1911 to 1945, by Brian Rust & Sandy Forbes.
It's deleted, it's rare, but sometimes you can get a used copy if you spend the fortune of 1,450 Euros (two such offers in Amazon today). My copy is the first (and only?) edition from 1987, and I have only used it once, for underlining (with thin pencil) the few titles that I had in my record collection, more or less the usual Nat Gonella and Jack Hylton. Otherwise it's "as new", but of course you can see that it was for 25 years standing in the shelves. Untouched.
With this thick book come two (thinner) additional softcover booklets:
- British Dance Bands 1920 - 1949 on 12-Inch long-playing records, 1985, by Edward Towler
- Supplement to the above (Releases from 1985 to 1987), 1987, by Edward Towler

Hard Cover Discographies:
The AFRS "Jubilee" transcription programs. An exploratory discography. Vol. 1, 1985, by Lotz and Neuert
(same) Vol. 2, 1985 by Lotz and Neuert
As new, just some thin pencil check marks of which titles I have. New price was 148 DM both. No offer found.

Basic Music Library "P" Series, 1-1000, 1990, by Kiner and Mackenzie
(Greenwood Press, Discographies Number 39)
As new, just some thin pencil check marks of which titles I have. No offer found.

The Soundies Distribution Corporation of America. A History and Discography of Their "Jukebox" Musical Films of the 1940s, 1991, by Terenzio, MacGillivray, Okuda
As new. A 2007 re-release is available for 37 €, with soft cover incl. an eye-catching colour pic on front.

The Following is all Published as Hard Cover by Greenwood Press in their "Discographies" Series.
All are as New. You'll find just a few underlinings of titles, here or there, but only with pencil.

THE KING LABELS. A Discography. Vol. 1
THE KING LABELS. A Discography. Vol. 2
, both 1985, by M. Ruppli
Still available from book dealers for 251 €

THE CHESS LABELS. A Discography. Vol. 1
THE CHESS LABELS. A Discography. Vol. 2
, both 1983, by M. Ruppli
Still available from book dealers for 127 €

THE SAVOY LABEL. A Discography, 1980, by M. Ruppli and B. Porter
Still available from book dealers for 131 €

, both 1986 by M. Ruppli
I only found offers for used copies for 254 €

THE BLUE NOTE LABEL. A DISCOGRAPHY, 1988, by Cuscuna and Ruppli
New available for 226 €, used for 193 € to 255 €

ATLANTIC RECORDS. A DISCOGRAPHY, Vol. 1 (1947 - March '66), 1979, by M. Ruppli
Only the First Volume, after 1966 the label was pop oriented.
The set of 4 volumes is available from book dealers for 344 €

Still available from book dealers for 124 €

THE PRESTIGE LABEL, 1980, by M. Ruppli
Still available from book dealers for 95 €

Other Hard Cover Books that are no Discographies.
As New:

Tell Your Story. A Dictionary of Jazz and Blues recordings 1917 - 1970, by Eric Townley, 1976
Tell Your Story No. 2 (1951 - 1975), by Eric Townley, 1987
(explains A-Z hundreds of record titles, such as the various sexual meanings of 'Jelly Roll Blues', or who's the 'Big Butter and Egg Man', or what exactly is shaken in 'Shake that Thing', etc.)
I found offers of 112 € (1917-1950) and 120 to 190 € (1951-1971)

Document Blues - 1 (complete Blues lyrics), by RR MacLeod, 1995
Document Blues - 2 (complete Blues lyrics), by RR MacLeod, 1995
I found offers for 95 € (-1) and 100 € (-2).

Here is snapshot of most of the lot:

Another pic:

If someone is interested to get one of these precious & informative books, please contact me. Of course I don't ask for the extremely high sums that some dealers ask for. I just want that these books find a place on the shelves of a serious collector.

in addition I also have for sale: the Erik Raben Jazz Discographies 1942-1980, Vol, 1 to 7 (A - Fra, hardcover = that's all that was published; Erik died)
PPS in 2018: I just see that I have more discographies that I don't need anymore, for instance the thick book about V-Discs with 1166 pp. And of course I also have the second, smaller volume that gives additions & corrections. In June 2018 I saw that German Amazon give eight second-hand offers, price: between 350 to 460 Euros for the thick book.
Other books I can offer are 'name discographies', about all the recordings of one artist each: Django, Duke, Clifford Brown, Charlie Christian, Monk, Getz, Kirk, Mingus, King Oliver, Fats Waller, Fletcher Henderson, Goodman ... etc.

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