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Schulze Geschichte(n) ...

...gibt's unter dem Titel Wer Schulze heißt, muss was können. Die erstaunliche Schulze-Geschichte. Ich hab sie inzwischen erweitert auf 168 Seiten Din A4; sie ist gebunden wie "The Works" oder "The Essential...".
Hier unten kann man das Inhaltsverzeichnis sehen Die circa 110 Fotos sind dort natürlich nicht extra vermerkt; sie lockern aber den Text erläuternd auf.
The (slightly different) English version The Amazing KS Story is also available. It's in the same format as "The Works" and "The Essential...". THE AMAZING KS STORY has 148 pages and includes circa 100 pics to illustrate the four decades of KS.


Here's the index of the English version: .. . . . . . . Und hier das deutsche Inhaltsverzeichnis:
The KS era, witnessed & a little bit co-shaped by kdm
These are the memories from all the years I have worked with KS, in the studio, the office, or on tour,
from the early seventies until the end of the millenium.
I had started to write it down in '86 and then - again and again - I added something...
Of course, I still work for Klaus. THE KS CIRCLE shows it, again & each month.
I want to point out that I avoid promotion stories.
You'll find no myths and no legends among the 45800 words and many pics.
The simple truth was often exciting & amazing enough.

erzählt (natürlich) die gleiche Geschichte (in 48.700 Wörtern), sie ist aber keine simple Übersetzung sondern wurde separat geschrieben.
Auch die etwa 100 Photos in beiden Bänden sind zum Teil unterschiedlich.

is the complete discography (and much more) from the sixties until the day I'll send it to a user.
It was and is permanently updated by me, which means:
I send you the latest, newest edition.
At the moment it contains 883 records with the name of "KS" on it, including 151 samplers,
and 1730 titles, and 530 names, ...and all of it is indexed.
The main discography is chronological...
...and here is the "Table of Contents":

There is no joy in art & science without the detail !

PS: THE WORKS is not just a souvenir for 'fans' who would actually prefer to have a T-shirt.
No colour pics included.
It's a serious and very detailed inventory of Klaus Schulze's voluminous work over half a century.

is a monthly newsletter (& much more), existing for 26 years now, month by months.
Each isssue has at least 12 pages, sometimes more.
(click in "useful links" / "The KS Circle" here at the left).
And here is a pdf of issue 240: 222402 (pdf, 1,667 KB)

The three volumes of
... is the best of the Circle's first twenty-two (& ½) years in three volumes.
It contains: thoughts, articles, letters, answers, quotations, reviews, discussions, many unusual pics, drawings, and other paraphernalia. Kluge, freche, absurde Bonmots über KS, die Musik und die Welt, in English & German (mixed) (and a bit of French, Italian, Spanish...if I quote from an original source).
no. 1 - 88 (1995 - 2003) 294 pages
no. 89 - 177 (2004 - 2011) 294 pages
no. 178 - 244 (2012 - 2017) 294 pages

- - - - -

All this is NOT to see or to read in the internet. Only on old-fashioned printed paper.
Each book is handmade the day an order comes in.
Size of these books: 21 x 30 cm (= 8.27 x 11,69 inches)
The monthly 'The KS Circle': is half this size: 15 x 21 cm

Each of these booklets and THE KS CIRCLE is not free anymore.
Just send a mail to: kdm AT posteo D0T de
and I will explain to you.

PS, August 2020:
Yesterday a new binding machine arrived and THE WORKS as well as the other books are produced in a hard cover from today on. The former front page is now the first page inside.
Each book has an original KS photo on front, from my large collection.

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