Dienstag, 26. März 2019

From "The KS Circle" # 233 ... (Nostalgic recollection, pt. 10)

The Rhythm

From time to time I listen to some electronic music on the radio, I mean a music which is especially announced and introduced as today's "Electronic Music" in a special radio programme, and what do I hear, mostly? Generally from Germans? Always a very simple rhythm. Everytime. All tracks. Consistently just the stupid boom boom. Still in 2016.
Of the three essential parts that makes music: Melody, rhythm and harmony, the rhythm seems to me the easiest. Also the easiest to compute. But not even this they can handle in a way that brings some joy to the listener's ears and brain. Some of these musicians (or should I say home computer players?) still copy KS, which is okay; many of them have learned (consciously or not) from KS, which is also very much okay. But have they not listened to Klaus' often "tricky" rhythm? Or to any other rhythm that is a bit more advanced and interesting, more than what they offer to our ears? Take, for instance: Klaus' "Are You Sequenced?" or Olatunji's "Drums of Passion", or Santana... Even the 4/4 swing of the Count Basie rhythm section in 1938 was something they could learn a lot from (Freddie Green, Walter Page, Jo Jones).
Is it just too difficult for them to produce? Are they not able to create an appealing rhythm? Or are they satisfied with the simplicity (sometimes: stupidity) they offer, again and again, and only? And sometimes I also wonder about the radio journalist who presents these musicians and their titles; doesn't he realise the poorness of at least their rhythm?(Richard 'Myknee' Jones)

Oder, wie Teddy Hecht zu "Techno" meint: »Früher hieß sowas 'Marschmusik'.«

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