Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Weihnachten Anfang September
Es geht wieder los: das Weihnachtszeug ist da. Am 6. September 2011. Im Supermarkt in Berlin.

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People Send Us Things

Nice fans or other unknown people send us things. Things that we never ever have asked for. Just today I received a huge parcel from Ohio (postage alone: 45.50 US$), gladly I was not asked to pay taxes for this heavy packet, because then I would have immediately refused to receive & pay for it.
During the last 35 years we receive by post always the same home-made things: writings (poems or prose) incl. whole books, drawings, and of course music on tapes (previously) or CDs or CD-Rs (now), or other little handcrafts. In 99% made & sent by amateurs.
In the present case it was a handful of b/w drawings and an 18 (! eighteen) pages letter in small English handwriting. Again, no e-mail was sent before, with the question: Can I send you something? (Answer is always & anyway: Thanks, but please: don't do! )

Mostly they are asking the "famous" Klaus Schulze - sometimes me - for things that they want from us: Schulze (or "Shultz") should listen to their home-made music, should read their books or poems, should make a record deal with them, should look at their drawings, should make for them contacts with the Berlin(!) music scene and to a label, or they want Klaus' address for a personal visit, etc. ... (It could be that some of such messages, letters and mails are actually just a joke or parody. One of such funny fake begging letters I still remember: ...its clever originator is now my beloved wife, Julia.)

And then, I have to write nicely back, telling them in short the factual truth that KS cannot do anything for them and that they please should not send anything ... or in the case they ask before if they can send and what's the address, I write just short witty things like this: "Many thanks for your interest in Klaus Schulze. But, please, do not send a book. Klaus Schulze has enough books :-) Best regards, kdm".
KS himself is not much curious about & interested in these doodads.

There are rare cases that such an unasked sending was accepted by me. I do remember two. One is a (meanwhile professional and somewhat successful) musician, and the other case is a cartoonist. Probably there were some more in the course of time, but I don't remember at the moment.

What I try to say with this long sermon, is: Please do not send us things that we did not ask you for, and just because "KS" is a not unknown name in music. It saves you postage and disappointment. Because we are not interested in it and we cannot do something for you. Also, it's not our profession to give or write fair comments or reviews about your artistic or other doings.

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