Montag, 28. Januar 2013


I have listened to the pre-release CD-Rs that I got from KS. This is the contents of the two discs as I have put in into THE WORKS:


Rec: 2012, Hambühren
KS (keybords, synthesizer, computer, sampling) Thomas Kagermann (violin, flute, voc). Samples: the voices of Lisa Gerrard, Julia Messenger, Chrysta Bell. Mix: Tom Dams
Release: 22 February 2013


1. Shadowlights (41:12)
2. In Between (17:07) without break into track 3:
3. Licht und Schatten (17:23)

A limited bonus CD is added to the first release:

1. The Rhodes Violin (55:24)
2. Tibetan Loop (17:50)

The first CD is typical KS, the aficionados of his music will love it. The second CD is different: interesting, rewarding, challenging. But still KS.

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