Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012

In the Moog for Love

Several times announced and long awaited: The 10-minute animated film is completed now and the french tv channel Canal+ will air it on 27 January. The title will be: "L'homme à la tête de Schulze" by James L. Frachon. The English title is "In the Moog for Love". Here is the trailer:

The three former trailers for this film you can still watch, just type "Frachon" in SEARCH and it will show you where to find.
Not here, but there is also a short film of the awesome Lisa Gerrard from the tour with KS in 2009, made by the same homme de ciné James L. Frachon. It's from the German town of Essen, where KS did NOT perform; just his equipment was on stage (but this is another story).

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Wenn man sich dieses Foto unserer Erde anschaut, wirkt & wird so manches persönliche Problem recht klein.

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