Freitag, 2. November 2012

Out of the Blue

A film crew was recently filmed in the Reims Cathedral, not really doing something. Probably they shoot already now some church images for a coming "40 years of TD at Reims Cathedral" (?)
On 13 December 1974 the French town of Reims was indeed an important place for a trio called "Tangerine Dream". Here they had a largely promoted concert for the invited world press & a few thousand paying fans. Supporting the concert was Nico, ...and I was the concert's stage manager.
At the very end of that meaningless video, the crew is seen in a little restaurant ...and after 9 minutes, at the film's end and show-stopper, the cameraman zooms in on a bottle on the table (& the music changes from old T.D. to a part of Manuel's "e2-e4") and this bottle shows, out of the blue....

... Klaus Schulze's well-known "Mirage" cover image.

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