Mittwoch, 6. März 2019

From "The KS Circle" # 9 ... (Nostalgic recollection, pt. 9)
Believing is: not knowing

The recent Japanese releases of old Brain CDs are the same as the Brain CDs or the releases that are licensed by Brain to (British) Magnum/Thunderbolt. And I speak about the quality of the sound. Some people seem to believe that the Japanese CDs sound better. I compared "X" and especially "Mirage" to the Brain or Thunderbold: They sound the same. They even contain the same shortenings of tracks, the same added echo... People should use their ears. Not their eyes, and I mean the advertising: European dealers offer these Japanese pressings with a surcharge of 30% to 50% to the normal Brain or Thunderbolt pressing - and promptly some customers believe that these very expensive CDs "must be better". I repeat: Use your ears. I don't blame the dealers. It's their job to make money.

Some more to make you think: These Japanese pressings are sold in Japan in the mid-price category, for a mere 1.800 Yen instead of the normal high-price of 2.800 Yen, for a single album. Which means, these CDs should be and could be cheaper instead of more expensive! But as long as there are enough who pay 50% or more above the correct price, why should a dealer not try to get this cash out of the fans' pockets? I cannot and will not blame them for doing simply their job.
.("The KS Circle" No. 9, August 1996)

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