Sonntag, 29. April 2018

Exactly 25 years ago...

... at the end of April 1993, I had finished the work for the first of our CD sets, SILVER EDITION, containing ten CDs with recent studio recordings of Klaus Schulze and a few older concert recordings. All previously unreleased.

Yep, at the end of April 1993 I had informed the press with an interest in this kind of music, which was at this time mostly the many e.m. fanzines in all corners of the world = I knew 58 different ones, from Agitasjon to Zenith. Also I informed a few hundred individual fans. I had many files filled with our collected letter exchanges; remember: this was a time without websites and mails. I had send them all a personal letter with the info about our SILVER EDITION offer. In some of the e.m. fanzines I also I booked (and paid for) a one-page advertising for SILVER EDITION. It was the very first time that in our genre such a set was released.

We have deliberately omitted the middlemen in this CD selling business: distributors and retailers. We delivered only to single people and to a handful of longtime friends who run a small 'private' mail order service (hello, Archie!). At this time we didn't know if our effort will be successful, if we will really find 2000 people willing to pay the circa 200 DM (100 € today) for such a special release. Luckily we were successful, even if the last - roughly one hundred - sets took a few weeks to find their customers... By the way: 85 copies of this set we have sent for free to journalists, some friends and a few musical collegues. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention: It was a huge success, critics and fans were thrilled !

Two years later I repeated this 10-CD set idea, this time with formerly unreleased historic recordings from Klaus Schulze's concerts or his studio, hence the title: HISTORIC EDITION. And another two years later I even produced a 25-CD set of unreleased music...

And now it's the 25th anniversary of SILVER EDITION.


The back of the 48-pages booklet

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