Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Obscene offer

Strange experience with UPS:
Once in a year, but for several years in the past, I use UPS. On the 5th of July I phoned them again and asked for the actual price to send a little document (a 4 pages contract) to Moscow. Always very helpful, they gave me the price of 66.99 Euros (which is not cheap, but the document will be in Moscow in three or four days; with the post - for 0.90 € - it always takes at least two weeks). This "66 €" was also the rate that I had seen before in UPS' website.
The UPS man came as usual in the past years, took the envelope with the document and the duly completed UPS waybill, asked for 66.99, I gave him the 68 Euros that I had prepared, and the document was on its way. So far so normal, so good, as in all the years ago.
13 (thirteen!) weeks (!) later (!) UPS asked me with a letter for an additional 32 Euros for this long-ago shipment, without any further explanation. Of course I told that that I'm not willing to pay that: the deal three month ago was 66.99, the UPS man also asked exactly for this sum and I paid the 66.99, and I have a receipt for it. Without full payment he would not have taken the order, anyway, because I'm not a permanent customer of UPS: they always ask for full payment. Also, I would rather have used the normal post than paying nearly one hundered Euros for this simple "only document" shipment.
The sudden (after 13 weeks!) additional dept claim (wherefore?) I just find obscene. And I told them so.
Recently someone had a similar experience with UPS?

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