Samstag, 25. April 2020

From a shoe shop?

Still, I get mails in which unknown people ask me seriously where they can buy Schulze's music. Because, as the last one who wrote: "...unfortunately, I can't find lots of them in Amazon"
. . . . Not even in Amazon? Strange. And irritating. For a little test I checked German Amazon and of course and as always, I found a lot of KS albums; too much to count; hundreds, I suppose. As CDs, as LPs, and as downloads. Non-German Amazons have similar offerings. I also tried at German JPC mail-order and they gave me a detailed answer: they offer exactly 99 CDs and LPs by Klaus Schulze. And there are still people who are not able to find those...? The one who had asked did not write where he lives, maybe on a small island somewhere? But after all, he must have internet because he had sent an e- mail.
. . . . Sometimes I'm at a loss. At least when it comes to certain people's demands and wishes.