Montag, 23. Juli 2018

Nostalgic recollection, pt. 1

In issue # 10 of 'The KS Circle' from autumn 1996 I have announced the start of "The Official KS Website" :

Honourable [KS Circle] member Lennart helped me to enter the internet. What he told me makes sense, as usual. There are various mailing lists, web pages etc. in the net, that also report from time to time about KS. Their content is taken from The Works, from our newsletters, and some of it is just gossip, hearsay or guesswork. To stop such rumors about KS in this new media, it is the best, to use this media and to make our own official Klaus Schulze "homepage".

Right. And as simple as that. We do it. Our homepage will contain plenty of bare facts about Klaus Schulze, past and present, such as a short discography of all CDs and of available CDs. Then we will give all news about any new album and when and where it will be available, about coming concerts (if there are some), maybe hints at articles in the international music press, and of course hints at The Works, our The KS Circle, Schulze's coming birthday, and many other practical things.

Since 20 August 1996 you can reach the Klaus Schulze homepage under:

PS: for quite same years now it's