Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2021

From an older issue of "The KS Circle" ... (Nostalgic recollection, pt. 32)

Old stories: During our tours in the seventies we used to have a little gimmick on stage, one different little toy for each tour. I remember when we had a little plastic faucet (water-tap) stuck to one side of the Big Moog, telling faithful fans and journalists this is needed for water cooling of the instrument.
. . . .Then we had a little plastic airplane (two times visible on photos in the Jubilee Edition set). On another tour we had a little Japanese plastic roboter also visibly placed somewhere among the instruments. For the photo collage inside the "...LIVE..." double LP we placed this toy at the right lower corner of the 50 Polaroids that were laid flat on the ground for doing the photo (Claus Cordes did the professional photo of my 50 snapshots). Of course I had the idea to use this photo again for the recent CD release of "...LIVE..." but it was just too small and no fun to the eyes. Therefore I dropped this idea. But it's not lost. Some day ... [PS: see 'Kommentar' below](Issue no.17, August '97, Klaus' 50th birthday)

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Netzfund (23)

"Wenn man einmal verstanden hat, wie die Medien funktionieren und man sich davon nicht reinziehen lässt, dann genügt auch schon der normale, gesunde Menschenverstand."

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