Montag, 25. November 2019

From "The KS Circle" # 218 ... (Nostalgic recollection, pt. 18)

... and I'm to blame
. . . . When I look from time to time into the (wonderful) booklets of the LA VIE ELECTRONIQUE CD series, I realize again and in retrospect that I was to a certain degree responsible for the visual image of Klaus Schulze, ...unconsciously and unintentionally.
. . . . Most of the many photos during the early heydays from 1975 on, and until 1981 (and a few beyond that year) were done by me, and they were also used by me, for the daily work with the other Klaus: for various releases on covers, for advertising and giving to magazines for their articles about KS. For many years I also have sent copies of these photos to fans, if they have asked for an autograph. During all those years and until the advent of the digital technique I have made those photos all by myself, in improvised dark-rooms, in Hambühren and later in Winsen; in the late eighties in Berlin. I produced hundreds of enlargements from the negative films onto photo paper. During many long nights I made the little (24 x 36 mm) b/w negatives as large, as dark, as bright, as soft, as hard, I wanted, or as it was needed. I could also do dodging or burning (= abwedeln oder nachbelichten) or make a double exposure as the cover of LVE 16 shows: the face of Klaus plus a photo from a mixing desk.
. . . . And today, these images stick. If I look at the 16 covers of the LVE series, eleven are from original photos that I have made from Klaus since 1975; the most recent pic is on the front of LVE 13; it was made in my apartment, anno 1993, when Klaus signed a few hundred booklets for the early subscribers of the SILVER EDITION. Already over twenty years ago... Old times.

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