Freitag, 17. März 2017

why index titles? (as for instance in complete opera recordings)

Mr. Mueller has put some clever subdivisions on numerous longer tracks in the set [and else]. Some people may think it's useless, but in my opinion it helps to understand the piece structure and helps to better remember some passages in it. For example, in "L'opera aperta", the "Scherzi a parte" section is a strong one, but distinctive from the other ones (it's also a favorite one!). We have the precise moment and duration with kdm's subtitles. I'm also more attentive when each section changes. Just take a look at your cd player! The song structure is sometimes complex, evolutive, etc. It's also a great reason why I prefer the Ultima Editions albums in comparison with KS regular albums. I remember the "Vie de rêve" structure more easily than the "Dune" one, just because of these subdivisions.

(from a longer article by Frederic Letourneau from Canada, in The KS Circle from October 2001, about THE ULTIMATE EDITION; most of this 50-CD set's music was later reissues in La Vie Electronique, vol. 1-16.
The subdivisions and its (sub-)titles are all mentioned in detail on the covers or in the booklets of the CDs and sets (and in THE WORKS), but - because of space - not in the Schulze website discography)

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