Mittwoch, 1. März 2017

The Essence, Vol. 3

It's done: Vol. 3 of "The Essence of The KS Circle" is now (well, nearly) 'completed' in a raw version. At the moment it's still 266 pages, and contains the best of the issues # 178 to the recent (# 235), which is the period from January 2012 till now.

Before release, some re-reading must be done, the usual search for typos, also some corrections are maybe necessary, or some change of the pages' lay-out... the very usual things before it's really ready. Probably I will also include some of the coming Circle issue(s). Because for the Vol. 3 I strive for the same number of pages as its two precursors: 294. Aus Gründen. By the way: The text is the usual 'Circle' mix of German/English (my English, which is easily to understand for German readers).

The Vol. 1 (1995 to December 2003) and Vol. 2 (2004 to December 2011) are still available. From my own experience when going through the books, I can say: it's still an interesting, often astonishing, and sometimes even funny reading. Or, in my case: re-reading. Of course it helps, if there is some interest in KS and his exceptional career with the ups and some downs; ...and interest in Klaus' very special music, or in music generally, ...or in music's history, or certain parts of the music business. I am surprised myself if I read many of the old stories anew.

Included are numerous pics, showing not just KS and his instruments in studio or in concert (or privately), but also many historic documents, facsimiles, and... and... and...

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Freitag, 3. Februar 2017

The KS Circle

Nine pages of the March edition of "The KS Circle" are already written, ...and in November/December last year I was afraid that the themes, topics, ideas would go out because of the musical inactivity of KS.
Also I went carefully through the two volumes of "The Essence of the KS Circle", and deleted some typos. And I have thrown out a lot of smileys; in a single issue of the Circle some of these :-) are okay, but in the 2 x 300 pages they were just too many. Afterward I read again the particular sentence and realised that the meaning (& the fun) is still the same, even without a helpful(?) clue of an emoticon.

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Donnerstag, 24. November 2016

The KS Circle 2017

Today's incoming letters were the last I could provide with the announced free CD-R 2016. All the prepared forty-five copies are gone now to the first 45 who renewed their membership. The very first 24 members got already their copy with the December edition, and the others will be enclosed with the January Circle.

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Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

The December 'Circle'

The December edition of our THE KS CIRCLE (issue # 232) was just posted. This time it's a few days earlier as usual. For reasons.
Two dozen members have already renewed their membership for the coming year and they will find an unannounced free CD-R inside their CIRCLE copy.
The remaining CD-Rs (21 copies) will be added to the January edition, for those twenty-one who will renew next (with a letter, as usual). No reservations. First come first served. And: what's gone is gone.

And maybe you will also order one of those books together with your renewal.

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Dienstag, 27. September 2016

The KS Circle, No. 230

The October edition of the 'Circle' was posted to all members. It contains:

  • KS' interview from 2013
  • Musikarchive (German)
  • Noch einige gratis CDs (nix KS)
  • An old member offers signed Historic & Jubilee Edition
  • It's the Artist - Not the Tools
  • Request for a Final Edition
  • Two formerly unreleased 'studio' photos from '72
  • ...and more.

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    Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

    The KS Circle

    The new edition (No. 228, Summer 2016) was posted to all the loyal members of the KS Circle. Because it includes some colour photos, we also put it into the official KS website, as a PDF.
    If I look at the original PDF version from my hard disk, it's 100% the same quality as the brochure, but if it comes from a web server (of the KS site or from this blog), the lettering looks a bit 'strange', also the special characters (an arrow, all the usual asterisks between the various entries, ...) are all replaced by a little dash or the letter i. I can asure you: the original brochure looks more decent and is much better readable. I even tried it with a different PDF programme, but the bastardized appearence was the same, as soon as it comes from the servers of the websites, except that the special characters are all gone without any i or dash Ersatz.
    But at least the colour pics are okay and fine, and this was the main reason to put this edition into the net, 'cause the printed version is only in b/w.

    And this is the last page of The KS Circle No. 228 in (nearly) its original quality:

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    Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

    The KS Circle # 227

    The June edition was just posted to our members. It contains this month:

    - Old & long interview about even older times
    - What do you listen to?
    - "polternder Blues-Rock" (cit. das ehemalige Nachrichtenmagazin)
    - Two very old photos
    - Ein lieber Brief (German)
    - Letters vs. mails
    - About earlier times ("relax-sound")

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    Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016

    The KS Circle #224

    The March edition was posted to all members and this month it contains:
    - A longer review of the historic album "...LIVE..."
    - A CD for free
    - Lob der Urheber (in German)
    - Will streaming kill songwriting?
    - 43 years with the other Klaus
    - Yes, KS feels fine
    - Is She Is or Is She Ain't... (a bootleg)?
    - ...and the usual - more or less interesting - Q & A

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    Samstag, 23. Januar 2016

    No 223
    The February Circle will be posted on Monday. It has a lot of plain text, 90% in Englisch, and less German this time.

    - The coming "new" reissues (short list)
    - Our generation
    - About IN BLUE (one of this month' reissues)
    - Old stories
    - Unreleased pics
    - No Bowie statement

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    Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015

    The KS Circle, year 2016

    The January issue will be posted these days; a bit earlier as usual - due to the coming annual festivities. On the last page (& here in full colour) is again a fine drawing by our friend from the Iran:


    © 2015 Mohammad Reza Akbari

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