Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

The KS Circle

Until today, ten members from all over Europe have told me that they did not receive my monthly letter that contains the April edition (#236) of The KS Circle. This happened in the 22 years before, but only once or twice in a year, and then it was 1 (one) that didn't arrive; although in these early years I was sending out much more letters; and even so, a loss was a rare event. But now, ...ten(!) in one month?!
Maybe it's high time to call the postal "service" not "service" anymore but "desaster". I'm thinking now of sending the 'Circle' by .pdf attach in e-mails. Possibly this is what the German post wants anyway: no letter post anymore? (*)

Ähnliche Pläne hat die deutsche Telekom mit dem bewährten und zuverlässigen Festnetz-Telephon: Ab Herbst wird es abgeschafft und als Ersatz bieten sie das unausgereifte VoIP ... die damit verbundene schlechte Qualität und öfter auch mal Ausfälle sind der Telekom wohl egal. Davon auszugehen ist wohl, dass es für die Kunden nicht nur schlechter, sondern auch komplizierter und teurer wird.
(* This is perhaps what the "Deutsche Post AG" wants: no letter post anymore, eliminate plenty of the high personnel costs and pay more dividend to their shareholders; and the now unemployed ex-postmen must be supported by the general public).

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...the May issue too?

I just have received the first mail for the missing May issue, which was posted on 27th of April:
Hello Mr. Mueller,

Sorry to disturb you with this, but once again I did not receive the May 2017 issue, I am sure that you sent it properly but it looks like our postal services are not what they used to be, and from what you told me last month, I am not the only person experiencing this.

I am proposing (if it’s not trouble with you) that you send me the May and the rest of the year issue by PDF format, this way we will be sure it gets to destination.

So, tke take of yourself and hello to KS.

Kind regards, ...


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Meanwhile I go more complaints about a missing May issue. To a Dutch member who just told me today that he also got no May issue I send the pdf version, and I wrote him:

I have no idea why suddenly so many letters to foreign countries have vanished in the post. My way of printing the name and address on the envelopes is correct, clean, large enough, and understandable. None of such "lost" letters was returned to me by the post, for whatever reason. Half of my monthly letters go to members inside Germany - but not one German member has complained that his Circle did not arrive. Just European foreigners.
So I guess that the German post was less careful, only with the handling of letters to foreign countries. Maybe a whole bag or chest with thousands of letters was "lost" on the way from Berlin to the central distributor for foreign letters, in Frankfurt (or elsewhere)? But the same "accident" in two following months?

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...and another kind soul wrote me because the letter with the May Circle has not arrived:

Guten Abend Herr Mueller,
Unfortunately, the printed version of the KS Circle (May edition) has not reached me, neither.
In my case, this would be the second lost Circle issue (total balance: April and May issues were lost).
To be honest, it sort of made me feel a little bit less concerned when I read about the fact that I wasn't the only one who didn't get it.
I see no reason for you to try to send the forthcoming editions via post. Obviously, something is wrong.
[with the post!]
I kind of agree with the hypothesis you came (regarding this matter) in one of the previous Circle issues: 'they' try to determine us to switch to electronic mail by using any necessary means.
Even if I don't like reading the issue on a screen, I must admit there is a big advantage of receiving it as attachment: I can fully enjoy the colour images! Not to mention that I can always print an issue, if I feel like it...
As you can see, I'm trying to see the full half of the glass.

I won't finish this long email before letting you know, once again, how much we all appreciate what you do for our mutual passion: MUSIC!


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