Mittwoch, 1. März 2017

The Essence, Vol. 3

It's done: Vol. 3 of "The Essence of The KS Circle" is now (well, nearly) 'completed' in a raw version. At the moment it's still 266 pages, and contains the best of the issues # 178 to the recent (# 235), which is the period from January 2012 till now.

Before release, some re-reading must be done, the usual search for typos, also some corrections are maybe necessary, or some change of the pages' lay-out... the very usual things before it's really ready. Probably I will also include some of the coming Circle issue(s). Because for the Vol. 3 I strive for the same number of pages as its two precursors: 294. Aus Gründen. By the way: The text is the usual 'Circle' mix of German/English (my English, which is easily to understand for German readers).

The Vol. 1 (1995 to December 2003) and Vol. 2 (2004 to December 2011) are still available. From my own experience when going through the books, I can say: it's still an interesting, often astonishing, and sometimes even funny reading. Or, in my case: re-reading. Of course it helps, if there is some interest in KS and his exceptional career with the ups and some downs; ...and interest in Klaus' very special music, or in music generally, ...or in music's history, or certain parts of the music business. I am surprised myself if I read many of the old stories anew.

Included are numerous pics, showing not just KS and his instruments in studio or in concert (or privately), but also many historic documents, facsimiles, and... and... and...