Freitag, 18. November 2016

Donald Duck & Co (Carl Barks)

Someone (probably in the Netherlands or in Belgium) is interested to obtain my collection of the series DONALD DUCK (books 1 to 50) and the series OOM DAGOBERT (books 1 to 30)?
Subtitle for all: De beste verhalen uit het weekblad. And indeed, it's the best, because all 80 booklets (48 pages each) contain only the famous Carl Barks stories. The lettering is in Dutch.
The paper and the colour-print are of excellent quality and this was the only reason I had bought them over thirty years ago, in addition to the German series "Die besten Geschichten mit Donald Duck" (which were more often used, also by my son; and it shows).


All these Dutch softcover books were read only once (if at all) and then stored away, which means they are nearly mint condition. Some have still the small price sticker on the front's upper right corner.

I just see that I also have the five Dutch booklets "de JONGE JAREN van Mickey & Donald - Hoogtepunten uit de Striphistorie". It contains much earlier (before Barks) one-page strips. 46 pages each, same good quality and in very good condition.

And of course I have also the American editions of "Comics and Stories by Carl Barks", vol. 1 to 51, and similar books in this historic Disney series (as long as Duckburg's townsfolk is involved): Both volumes of UNCLE $CROOGE, GYRO GEARLOOSE vol.1 to 6, and CHRISTMAS STORIES, as well as the complete DONALD DUCK FINDS PIRATE GOLD ... all new and well packed, and from Carl Barks, of course. But all these treasures just fill my shelves.

And in addition I have 51 colourful "Carl Barks' Heroes and Villains" collectors' cards - 6 x 9 cm each - with all the characters of his storys. Und auch der deutsche DER DONALDIST bis Ausgabe 100 ist vorhanden.
If interested, make me an offer (kdmÄ, or ask, in German or English please. Dank u wel.

PS in March 2017: Have all thrown away, now :-( Need the space.