Dienstag, 11. März 2014


Maybe I should put your nose again on the possibility to read something on paper. Yes, on real pages!
Still available are fresh print-outs of these informative booklets:

  • Klaus Schulze - The Works (the definite discography & more, on 270 pp.)
  • Die Schulze Geschichte / The KS Story (166 Seiten Deutsch, or 148 pages English, and pics)
  • The Essence of The KS Circle part 1 (issues 1 to 88) (The Best of, on 294 pages)
  • The Essence of The KS Circle part 2 (no. 89 to 177) (the other Best of, on another 294 pp.)

If interested, send a mail to: kdm AT posteo DOT de
Oh yes, the price: Each booklet is 30 Euros inside Germany, 40 abroad. More in a personal mail.

PS from 2017: Please check here on the left side the "useful link": About the books.