Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

The KS Circle

Until today, ten members from all over Europe have told me that they did not receive my monthly letter that contains the April edition (#236) of The KS Circle. This happened in the 22 years before, but only once or twice in a year, and then it was 1 (one) that didn't arrive; although in these early years I was sending out much more letters; and even so, a loss was a rare event. But now, ...ten(!) in one month?!
Maybe it's high time to call the postal "service" not "service" anymore but "desaster". I'm thinking now of sending the 'Circle' by .pdf attach in e-mails. Possibly this is what the German post wants anyway: no letter post anymore? (*)

Ähnliche Pläne hat die deutsche Telekom mit dem bewährten und zuverlässigen Festnetz-Telephon: Ab Herbst wird es abgeschafft und als Ersatz bieten sie das unausgereifte VoIP ... die damit verbundene schlechte Qualität und öfter auch mal Ausfälle sind der Telekom wohl egal. Davon auszugehen ist wohl, dass es für die Kunden nicht nur schlechter, sondern auch komplizierter und teurer wird.
(* This is perhaps what the "Deutsche Post AG" wants: no letter post anymore, eliminate plenty of the high personnel costs and pay more dividend to their shareholders; and the now unemployed ex-postmen must be supported by the general public).

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