Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Threehundred pages, (...for the time being)

"The Best of The KS Circle" is done, at least the first volume of two. I went through the old issues 1 to 88 (August 1995 to end of 2003) and took what I thought is worth to keep. Text that is already to find in the official KS website, or in "The Works", or in CD booklets, I have not used again. Also, any notifications of (then) coming concerts or albums are not mentioned (for simple reason). In addition I put many pics in it, same as I did & still do with the monthly "The KS Circle".

This volume 1 has 294 pages, at the moment. The pilot (Null-Nummer) is on the photo above. I still look at it and still I find something that can be done a bit better; I like to do these small improvements. Also I want to use a better title than "The Best of...", but what instead? The release and offer will be made at the end of September, with the October issue of the regular "The KS Circle".

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