Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Money For Nothing

During the last twenty years I have given many of these posters to fans, for free of course. In 1979 I have not only paid for the printing of 10,000 copies, I was also its designer. We used them for our European concert tour in October-November 1979.
When I visited IC in the mid eighties, I saw a huge pile of those - now unneeded - posters still in the vaults of IC and I took some 50 or 100 with me, as giveaways to fans.
It seems that the remains are now found and offered by "someone". The money asked is of course absurd, mad and sick. Or just a silly error (but how?), ...and it's not even signed!
PS: The offer's description "Timewind 1975" is wrong and probably directed to American fans who know KS mainly (only) from his "Timewind" album, but this was four years previous to this poster.

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